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I don’t normally get too vocal about politics but I wanted to write a very quick piece to voice my opinions and show my support for all the junior doctors in the UK who are currently under a great deal of pressure and stress during this difficult time with the goverments enforcement of a new 7 day working contract.
As an NHS employee I see the many difficulties it faces with my own eyes, mainly the over whelming pressure on its resources and staff, all of them, and the negative effect this has on the people that matter the most, the patients.
This is a truly worrying time for the NHS that was founded in 1948 by Aneurin Bevan with three simple principles…

    • That it meets the needs of everyone
    • That it be free at the point of delivery
    • That it be based on clinical need, not the ability to pay

Never have these principles been under so much threat as they are today with the shamful and shambolic handling of the NHS by this goverment and the Health Secertary Jeremy Hunt.

This is Jeremy Hunt… (sigh)

If you’re British then I’m sure you have seen, heard, and read lots about the current situation and the governments plans for a new working contract it is going to enforce onto junior doctors in August, and the subsequent strikes they have taken in protest. Now there are and have been many differing and conflicting views and opinions thrown around making it very hard, if not impossible to work out what really is going on, who to trust, and who to blame.
Now I don’t want to go through all of this rhetoric, spin, and accusations as I will be here for ever and a day, and to be honest I don’t fully understand it all. But I will say this, if you think that a group of people as hard working, as selfless, and as caring as junior doctors are taking this action just because they don’t want to work weekends, or for a few extra quid in their pay packets, you are deluded. And don’t mistake the term ‘junior’ doctor has anything to do with their age or years of experience, rather it applies to all doctors below consultant grade.

Doctors v Tube Drivers

Anyway I work with ‘junior’ doctors very closely, and I can tell you that these people are not work shy, money grabbing, or uncaring. They all already work long arduous hours (including weekends), in some difficult conditions, in some high pressure environments, for very little thanks, and for a wage that an average London tube driver can earn with a fraction of the effort, training, skills or sacrifice, and they do this day in day out without complaint.

Infographic on what the Junior Doctor dispute is all about…

So when these people tell you that this new contract forces an already over stretched, and over strained work force even more and now places patients at risk, believe them, and support them.
Regardless of what the media, spin doctors and quangos say about this situation, it’s simply not about money or weekend working.
This is about pushing the hardest working staff in the country to breaking point. This is about putting patients lives at risk. This is about pushing the NHS into privatisation, and eventually breaking it’s three key principles that have stood the test of time since 1948.
Don’t let the NHS fail… Support our doctors
Thanks for reading
PS: this YouTube video by Cassette Boy on the current issue is simply brilliant



  1. Adam, always enjoy your posts. With the government providing free healthcare for all there seems to be only 2 ways to reduce spending; cut worker salaries, or ration care. I think most all industrialized nations face similar funding problems. With modern society becoming more obese and much less healthy what in your opinion is a long term solutions for these budget shortfalls? For myself I can’t see how we can continue to pay for others personal choices. When I think of healthcare I think of unforeseen illness and accidents, not managing the poor decisions people make in the personal lives.

    • That is a good point, my thoughts are the NHS needs to do a better job at educating and providing resources and means to prevent and reduce people making these poor lifestyle choices rather than trying to address the issues is causes.
      I think I remember reading somewhere that for every person the NHS could help change lifestyle habits for the long term such as to exercise more, drink less, eat better could save enough money in future healthcare costs to pay for the care of 10 others!
      I may have just made that up, but I guess my point is, if the NHS can do more/something to prevent then it will save money in future costs!

  2. Thanks for this Adam…my daughter was a Junior Doctor until Christmas. She is now a qualified salaried GP and is so angry at how her profession is being brought to its knees. She and her friends are the most caring and dedicated people who give over and above their existing hours every single day. Jeremy Hunt should hang his head in shame. Please continue to support the junior doctors….another term people misunderstand….a registrar with 6 years of experience is still classed as a junior!

  3. Good afternoon Adam,
    Well said.
    The issue regarding irresponsible behaviour is hard to defend. However, just look at the health literacy figures for our country. They are shocking.
    I have concerns for MSK physiotherapy in the NHS. Place them in a system which fails them and their patients. Look at the outcome measures and evidence for MSK. Deem it ineffective. Get rid of it.
    Do you think this could happen?
    Kind regards,

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